Facebook pushes back against anti-vaccine posts – WAOW

WAUSAU (WAOW) — Facebook is making changes to it’s algorithm when it comes to anti-vaccine posts. Anti-vaccine content will be pushed down on your news feed and anti-vaccine groups won’t be suggested to users joining the site.

Public health experts and local doctors welcome the policy change, and said information on social media can be misleading.

“When I first started, the doctor was the primary source of information for things,” said Dr. Jason Chan, a Pediatrician at the Wausau Aspirus Clinic. “Now, people are sometimes more apt to believe what they see online, which wasn’t necessarily accurate.”

The social media giant is also considering revising it’s advertisement policy. YouTube already prevents advertisements from airing on videos with anti-vaccine content.

Diane Coyle from Hatley said all of her kids received vaccinations growing up. She said she’s weary about information online.

“Unless it’s from a doctor, I’m not going to trust anything that’s out there,” Coyle said.

But, not all people believe vaccinations are safe. News 9 viewers sounded off on a Facebook post about the changes to the social media site. One comment read, “nobody should be forced to inject questionable and even harmful ingredients into their body.”

However Dr. Chan said he believes the anti-vaccine information on social media is misinformation.

“Vaccines, I think, are one of the biggest achievements when it comes to the health of people,” Dr. Chan said.

If you have question about vaccinations, experts said you should reach out to your doctor.


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