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Hundreds of personal belongings and family heirlooms were lost in the flooding caused by the Sanford Dam’s failure.

But a Mid-Michigan family, is helping to reunite people with their lost items, one piece at a time.

“We all came home covered in mud, head to toe, but we felt so good that we had these things that we could give back to people who lost everything,” Jolynn Lippie, co-organizer of the Sanford Michigan Lost and Found.

A Facebook group started by her and her family, after they discovered piles of flood damaged wreckage on the Pere Marquette Rail Trail.

After sifting through the debris, decided to post pictures of any lost items onto their page, hoping to connect them with their owners online.

And so far, they’ve been able to return a lot of items, including statues, pictures and signs.

“When we reunite people with things, we don’t expect a big grand like, ‘oh thank you so much,’ it’s been real low key,” she said.

But Lippie says the feeling that she gets, when she sees people reunited with their belongings makes all the difference. And that’s something she hopes people remember, in spite of this tragic event.

“I think down the line as they reminisce on this portion of their life, and they look at those pieces that they got back,” she said. “They’ll remember that there were some really good things that happened.”

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