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After Jeff Bezos’ iPhone X got infiltrated by Saudi hackers, Facebook officially came up with a statement citing Apple responsible for the security loopholes, not WhatsApp. It seems Apple is not on the tabloid for good reasons, these days. Earlier Google also reported that the Cupertino giant’s Safari browser is laced up with security flaws. However, we haven’t heard yet from Apple about the recent hacking incident.

Facebook Blames Apple For Bezos' Phone Hack

One theory behind Bezos’s phone-hacking relates that Washington Post– owned by Bezos, was closely examining the Jamal Khashoggi’s murder (WaPo columnist), who was killed after Saudi Crown Prince’s direction. To sue away the news agency, Saudis started tracking the Amazon founder’s phone and blackmailed him to drop the investigation.

The malware was sent to Bezos via WhatsApp back in 2018. The unauthorized data got through his phone, as of a 4.22MB video clip, by an account in the name of the crown prince. The malware was cryptically built to allow the Saudis to have access to all secret files of Bezos, stored on the phone.

After the security breach, FTI reported that the transmitted data from Bezos’s phone surged 29,000%, which is way more to get the secret information. At the recently held World Economic Forum, in Davos, a Facebook official issued a statement that data breach occurred due to the smartphone operating system. The Facebook representative also added that the company will get into the depth, provided WhatsApp was used to hack Bezos’ phone.

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We are yet to hear from WhatsApp in particular on the matter. This is not the first time WhatsApp’s security has been damaged. The messaging app earlier blamed the NSO Group of putting surveillance software to some users, without any information, just to get access to the phones. However, the NSO Group denied all these allegations.

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