Facebook Announces New Women's Safety Training Events to Help Improve Online Safety and Inclusion

Facebook is hosting a range of Women’s Safety live training events, which aim to provide in-depth overviews and insights into how its safety tools work, and how women can implement these key elements to improve their experience on its platforms.

As explained by Facebook:

“Through these trainings, we aim to help you get the most out of your experience on the Facebook family of apps by learning about the ways our products, tools, and resources help you more safely connect with the people and causes you care about.”

Facebook will run seven separate sessions of the event, in four languages, and in varying time zones, in order to cater to as many attendees as possible. Attendees will also have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with a safety expert in real time as part of each session.

Facebook Women's Safety Events

The focus here is important, because according to Pew Research, female internet users are significantly more likely than men to report having been sexually harassed or stalked online, with young women, in particular, increasingly likely to have experienced sexual harassment.

As per Pew:

“Fully 33% of women under 35 say they have been sexually harassed online, while 11% of men under 35 say the same.”

Within the broader focus on gender equality and inclusion, elements like this need to be addressed, in order to ensure that, in the first place, women feel free and open to share their views and perspectives without the fear of being attacked.

Facebook’s sessions will showcase the various tools and processes it has on offer to assist, which, ideally, will help broaden inclusion within its apps. 

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You can read more about Facebook’s Women’s Safety sessions, and register your interest, here.



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