Facebook adds two mysterious new options to British people’s accounts

Some British Facebook users have had a pair of enigmatic features added to their account.

Yesterday, a selected group of people reportedly saw two new options in the app.

A ‘digital wallet’ button was shown to a small number of iOS users, although some of the people who saw it said it did not work properly.

Facebook is understood to be working on a type of currency called Facecoin.

Although this has been hailed as a Bitcoin rival, it’s not clear whether it will be a cryptocurrency or a straight payment option like Apple Pay or the Apple Card.

The other button was marked ‘Admin Panel’.

The new features were spotted by social media don Matt Navarra, who is known for his cutting edge knowledge of all things Facebook.

He tweeted out a screenshot of the option and wrote: ‘Facebook has a “Digital Wallet” and “Admin Panel” tab showing on iOS in the UK?’

Is Facebook developing a cryptocurrency? (Image: Getty)

However, it’s not clear what either of the functions does.

Navarra’s followers said the wallet wasn’t working properly yet, whilst the admin just led them to the games page.

One person wrote: ‘Admin Panel opens the App Game Center for me, and Digital Wallet just an endless loading symbol.’

There are big things afoot at Facebook just now.

It’s currently working on a plan to ‘merge’ Messenger with Instagram and WhatsApp – a decision which could change the world of social networking forever.


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