Experts Don’t Like Electric-Powered Classic Cars – CarBuzz

“It is not, in our opinion, the shape or body style of a vehicle that makes it ‘historic’, but the way in which the entire vehicle has been constructed and manufactured in its original form,” says FIVA Vice President, Tiddo Bresters. “Hence if any owner, motor engineer, or manufacturer chooses to make such conversions to a historic vehicle, FIVA would strongly recommend that any changes are reversible, with all the original components marked and safely stored. In this way, the vehicle may – if so desired in the future – be returned to its original state and may once again become a historic vehicle.”

Aston Martin has already said its DB6 conversion would be reversible and has targeted owners in countries set to have bans on ICE vehicles in the near future (so they can legally drive in city centers). Our take: let people do whatever they want to their own cars. If swapping an EV drivetrain into a car that would otherwise sit and rot in a garage helps get more classic vehicles out on the road, we are all for it.


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