'Expecting NHS staff to work without safety gear is contemptible'

In a war against a deadly enemy, a reckless government sending NHS workers, carers and emergency crews into combat without adequate safety gear is a contemptible fatal mistake.

The unforgivable failure to order earlier and issue the workers on the front line with the armour they deserve mirrors past disasters where the military was sent to Iraq and Afghanistan without proper protective equipment – and lives were lost as a result.

The death of an NHS consultant, and the loss of dozens of Italian medical staff, are grim reminders that this virus is lethal – so Boris Johnson must bear heavy responsibility for the shortage of face masks and other supplies.

Workers are understandably frightened and platitudes from ministers about giving them everything they need are wearing thin.

The public appreciates our NHS heroes. Now it’s the turn of the Government to demonstrate it values them before lives are needlessly lost.

Home comfort

Staying in is the new going out, with family and friends meeting and chatting over the internet the big thing during the coronavirus lockdown.

Using phone conferencing apps to gather for a drink from the comfort of their own sofas also saves people bus and cab fares home.

Amanda Holden had a Zoom party with her friends while on lock down

However, some armchair revellers with sore heads the following morning might wish time had been called by a landlord on the screen.

The sooner this crisis is over the better – but nobody thinks things will go back to exactly how we lived before.

In the meantime, keeping in touch on the net is as close as we can safely get to those loved ones we don’t live with.

Roaring back

Lions thriving and giving birth on a nature reserve ravaged by poachers is a sign of life improving in a troubled world.

With a dark shadow cast over many countries, this ray of light from Kenya is a reminder that things can be better as well as worse.


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