EXCLUSIVE: Blockchain Is 'Undeniably Part Of The Next Big Wave' In Tech Revolution

© Reuters. EXCLUSIVE: Blockchain Is ‘Undeniably Part Of The Next Big Wave’ In Tech Revolution

Benzinga – Crypto industry leaders on Tuesday converged to shed light on the upcoming blockchain revolution, with Abhishek Saxena from Polygon Ventures and Kyle Langham from Dfinity illuminating how it’s not just an emerging technology but a foundational element that will drive the next wave of tech advancements.

The panelists were speaking at Benzinga’s Future of Digital Assets event in New York City, and a livestream of the event is available here.

Saxena emphasizing blockchain’s transformative potential, saying, “Every 50 years, a new technological revolution emerges, and blockchain is undeniably part of the next big wave.”

This perspective places blockchain in the lineage of monumental shifts like the industrial and internet revolutions, heralding a future where blockchain integrates seamlessly with technologies like AI.

Langham added depth to the discussion by highlighting blockchain’s unique attributes.

“Blockchain brings specific use cases or features like data privacy, data security, ownership of digital goods, and decentralization,” he said, drawing an analogy to the early internet era’s foundational features that led to innovative applications like Uber (NYSE: UBER).

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The panelists also explored the convergence of blockchain with traditional financial systems, discussing the tokenization of real-world assets and the integration of blockchain assets into traditional finance.

They viewed these developments as complementary, moving towards a unified financial ecosystem.

A significant part of the conversation revolved around blockchain’s role in enhancing cybersecurity.

Langham shared his experience with a vaccine company, pointing to the limitations of the traditional internet in securing informational assets.

“Blockchain is bringing this reinvention of the Internet where you’re adding key features at various levels of the tech stack,” he noted, underscoring blockchain’s potential to offer robust solutions in data security.

Discussing the synergy between AI and blockchain, the panelists described how blockchain’s scarcity principle could balance AI’s abundance, leading to innovative monetization strategies in various fields.

Looking forward, the panel envisioned blockchain transforming sectors beyond finance, predicting significant impacts in network decentralization, financial efficiency, and digital ownership.

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