Everything You Need To Know When Sending Parcel To France From UK

Everything You Need To Know When Sending Parcel To France From UK

France is one of the most popular shipping destinations from the UK, with loved ones choosing to move abroad, or family owning holiday homes in France, students moving for university and a wealth of other reasons. Here at Worldwide Parcel Services, we pride ourselves on offering affordable courier services to France that do not compromise on service and reliability.

Sending Parcels to France

Shipping to France does not need to be complicated, expensive, or awkward anymore. Here at WPS, we understand that reliability and price are two of the most important factors that people consider when selecting their parcel shipping provider, and that is why we work with only reputable courier companies that will uphold our values.

For total convenience, parcel to France can be booked as either drop off or collection services, and every courier service that you book through WPS is fully tracked from collection through to final delivery. Today, parcels can even be sent from the UK to France in just one to two days! 

Cheap Parcels to France

Whether you are looking to send a parcel to Paris or a letter to family in Lyon, shipping to France has, in the past, been an expensive affair. Today, you can avoid the unnecessary expense by booking your parcel to France through an experienced parcel intermediary such as WPS.

With WPS, you can compare different prices and services that are available from our range of partner couriers. Our different couriers may offer different delivery times, levels of service and degrees of tracking, so always do your research prior to booking to make sure that you get the best possible value for your money.

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Our prices might be cheap, but we never sacrifice quality and customer services. That is why we offer £100 free parcel cover on every parcel that we send, and why our customers leave us five-star reviews.

Sending Food to France

Like with many countries, there are some restrictions on what food and drink can and cannot be sent to France. Liquids with a volume over one litre and alcohols over 24% (such as rums, whiskies, and vodkas) are all prohibited.

There are vegetable, fruit, meat, fish, dairy and seed products that can be shipped to France, however make sure that you do your research beforehand so you don’t get caught out. Some products of animal origin need a permit or may only be sent from specific authorised locations around the world.

Where possible, you should ship any food or drink that can be sent to France in the original manufacturer’s packaging. 

Things to Keep in Mind

As with any other country in the world, there are certain items that are either prohibited or restricted by French customs. Before getting any parcel ready to send to France, we recommend that you always take the take to research what you can and cannot send. 

There are some unique items that cannot be sent to France that you may not expect, including beeswax, medication, funeral urns and feeding bottles. Of course, this list is not extensive, but more information is available on the French customs website.

The most important aspects of a French address are the recipient, the street address, and the postcode. These lines must be included in the address of every parcel that you send to France. The first line should be the recipients name and title, if appropriate.

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Following this line, you can include any secondary address information, such as the apartment number, building names, entrance numbers etc. These items are not mandatory and should only be included if required.

Next comes the street name and number, followed by the postcode and name of the city or locality. Finally, as the parcel is international, add “FRANCE” in capital letters at the bottom.

As a result of the UK leaving the EU as of the 31st of December 2020, there are some changes that you need to be aware of when sending a parcel to France. One change is that shipments from the UK to France will require a commercial or pro forma invoice to be generated, but if you book your parcel delivery through WPS, we will take care of the invoices and send them straight to the courier for you.

Looking to send a parcel to France? Find out more at Worldwide Parcel Services.


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