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As part of a groundbreaking experiment, physicians at the European Organization for nuclear research CERN create anti-matter almost every day at a specially designed lab. The research aimed at finding out more about the creation of the universe and how it functions,

For the purpose of the research, the scientists have created an underground tunnel as their research lab. Inside the tunnel, which stretches nearly 27 kilometres, protons are made to crash into one another with incredible force, thereby, creating antimatter.

Matter and Antimatter

Ludivine Ceard, a physician with CERN, while speaking to international media reporters, discussed one of the theories behind the research. She revealed that scientists in her team had a theory. As per their theory, bing bang resulted in the creation of an equal amount of matte and anti-matter- both similar but opposite in charge.

“They should have just recombined and left nothing but radiation”, she added. She then said that if humans exist, therefore, the matter must have overtaken antimatter at some point of time and there must be a difference between the two, which is still unknown. Searching for those differences is one of the tasks for the people at the Compact Muon Solenoid, or CMS, one of four main experiment sites around the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.  

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To create muons and antimatter, packets of protons are made to race around in circular tracks in two beams, Both moving at a speed of light in opposite direction- clockwise and anti-clockwise. Once the researchers are ready, both the beams are concentrates and made to collide.  However, scientists say that out of 100 billion protons in the packet and another 100 in another way, only 50 are likely to collide.

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Currently, there is zero collision as both collider and maintenance around it are under Maintainance and shut down for two years. The CMS collaboration includes some 4,000 Scientists from more than 50 countries from across Europe, India, China, South Korea, Egypt, other parts of the Middle East and Russia. he discoveries and developments made at CERN are already helping to transform fields as diverse as nuclear waste disposal, medical testing, detection of art forgeries and efforts to disrupt financial markets. 

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