Euro 2024: a selection headache for England and buildup to the last-16 ties – live news

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Here are 10 stats from the group stage and number two will shock you!

Seriously, the second stat in this list compiled by Niall McVeigh sums up England’s ineptitude so far. If they can get that right I bet their entire attack will start to function as it should.

Anthony Gordan injured in turbo bike accident

Who had this on their England Euro misadventure bingo?

The Newcastle forward was seen sporting scars and grazes on his face and hands after an accident on a bike.

England are now considering abandoning bike ride that players do as part of their post-match recovery.

Phil Foden returns

Just in time to take on the No. 10 role?

For my money, he’s England’s best player and should be entrusted to run the show. Now that he’s returned to the camp after the birth of his third child, Phil Foden is ready to crack on. This could be some month for the Man City star.

So, England are on the so-called ‘easy side of the draw’, where their path to glory is paved with gold?


Guess again, says Jacob Steinberg, who douses cold water on that hot take by taking a look at England’s murky past.


Daniel Gallan

Daniel Gallan

We’re back! And now that the group stage is done and dusted, things are getting serious.

Tomorrow the knockouts get going with Switzerland playing the defending champions Italy, and hosts Germany take on Denmark.

We’ll have all the build up to those games and plenty more besides. No doubt there’ll be some fresh outrage around England. Surely we’ll have a new take on Mbappe’s France. Perhaps we might even start to wonder if a young Spanish team is, wait for it, the real deal?!

Drop a line with your thoughts. The whackier the better.


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