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If you don’t have the luxury of outdoor electrical outlets, a battery-powered camera can be a necessity for monitoring your home’s perimeter. They eliminates the logistical nightmare of getting a power cord to an indoor AC source, but they have a drawback of their own: You must pull the camera down every 2-3 monthsto recharge its battery, or add the expense of a compatible solar charger, if one’s available, to keep it topped off.

The EufyCam 2 has no such requirements. Eufy says its cameras can run on a single charge for up to a year. That coveted ability along with some state-of-the-art AI security features makes it a compelling purchase for home security DIYers.

This review is part of TechHive’s coverage of the best home security cameras, where you’ll find reviews of competing products, plus a buyer’s guide to the features you should consider when shopping.


The EufyCam 2 comes as a two-camera starter bundle with a base station and camera mounts. While the EufyCam E I reviewed recently took its look nearly wholesale from the Arlo Pro 2, Eufy’s flagship camera has always sported a unique two-tone rectangular design.

That is unchanged with the EufyCam 2, but the base station has been redesigned to more closely resemble the camera. Its slimmer, squatter design gives the system a cohesive aesthetic and also makes it easier to find space for it next to your other networking hardware.

eufycam 2 outdoorsEufy

The EufyCam 2 is protected from the elements with an IP67 rating.

The cameras have a 140-degree field of view, and they capture video in 1080p resolution. They also boast night vision, two-way talk, and smart motion detection. Each camera is rated IP67, meaning it’s protected from total dust ingress and immersion in up to 1 meter of water for a defined length of time and pressure.

The system works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, but it also integrates with Apple’s HomeKit (as does the Arlo Pro 2). That means video from its cameras can be viewed on your iPad or AppleTV and stored on Apple’s iCloud.

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As with Eufy’s other security cameras, the EufyCam 2 provides local and cloud storage options. The camera ships with a 16GB of embedded memory (EMMC). You can get additional storage in the cloud through a pair of subscription options. A Basic plan gives you 30 days of storage for one camera for $3 per month or $30 per year. The Premier plan provides the same video history for up to 10 cameras for $10 per month or $100 per year.

Setup and installation

eufycam 2 live Michael Ansaldo/IDG

The camera’s 140-degree field of view covers a wide area.

Installing the camera isn’t difficult, but it does take some time. You must connect the base station and each camera in turn with the help of the Eufy Security app. The base station needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet and connected to your router via an ethernet cable.



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