EU will cave: Lord Tebbit says bloc 'with backs to the wall' will accept UK trade demands

The former Chairman of the Conservative Party said he was confident due to his own experience of working with the EU. He argued once Brexit was done the EU would become “perfectly sensible” and look to find a solution that benefited both sides, he said in an interview with

He said: “So we have to have those reciprocal arrangements. 

“I think my experience of time in dealing with things in the EU when I was in the government is that with their backs to the wall our European friends will become perfectly sensible.

“Once the big argument is over and the thing is done then they will say quietly how do we make it work for our mutual benefit.”

Lord Tebbit also told if Labour won the election Jeremy Corbyn would not be Prime Minister for “very long” before John McDonnell “betrayed” and “replaced” him.

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Lord Tebbit explained: “If Corbyn were to ever find himself in Number 10, probably with the aide of the Lib Dems, Remainers, Greens and other such people, he wouldn’t be there for very long.

“He would be replaced by John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor.”

He continued: “McDonnell is at least as nasty, but much more clever.

“He is a much calmer, much more thoughtful person.

Mr Tebbit claimed this was because Mr McDonnell and Mr Corbyn are “Marxists”.

He said: “They’d betray each other at the drop of a hat.

“There is nowhere where Marxism has worked.”

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The Labour Parrty released their manifesto today.



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