Ethereum (ETH) Price to Test $200, 2020 Will Be Incredible: Crypto Analyst – U.Today


From Thursday’s $176, by now Ethereum has spiked to the $182 area, as per data from CoinMarketCap. A crypto analyst believes that ETH is about to start testing the $200 level and expects this year to be a good year for the ‘father of altcoins’.

Meanwhile, an ETH developer tweets that the so-called ‘Ethereum killers’ have failed and should be renamed.

ETH to test $200 resistance

A crypto analyst who goes by the Twitter name @TheCryptoCactus has posted a chart with a triangle pattern and suggests that it may break upwards. The analyst expects ETH to test the resistance level of $200 soon, however, he admts there might be a pullback.

On the chart, @TheCryptoCactus has drawn a curve that, in his opinion, may take the ETH price much higher than its $1,345 all-time high of January 2018.

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‘None of the Ethereum Killers are actually killing Ethereum’

Ethereum developer @econoar has slammed all of the blockchains called ‘Ethereum killers’ by their fans. The developer suggests they should be renamed ‘Ethereum Attempted Murderers’.

Some examples of ‘Ethereum killers’ are Neo (often called ‘the Chinese version of Ethereum’), Waves (believed to be ‘the Russian response to Ethereum’) and EOS, the Tron Foundation run by Justin Sun.

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Tron has been positioning itself as an ETH competitor, frequently posting how many more dApps now run on Tron compared to Ethereum. Tron initially started on Ethereum and then migrated to its own mainnet in summer 2018, like EOS.

Previously, Vitalik Buterin accused Justin Sun of plagiarizing Ethereum’s whitepaper. Later on, Justin Sun published an updated whitepaper and asked Vitalik Buterin on Twitter to check it out.



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