ET Wealth Wisdom Ep 118: The role of gold in an investment portfolio

Hi everyone and welcome to episode 118 of the ET Wealth Wisdom podcast

I am Tania Jaleel

Buying gold is a tradition for Indians that doesn’t seem to fade ever.

At least a little bit of the yellow metal, in physical or paper form, can be found in almost every Indian portfolio.

In this podcast, we tell you 5 smart things to know about investing in gold.

1. Gold acts as a diversifying investment as it has negative correlation to stocks and other financial instruments.
2. It is a hedge against inflation as typically the value of gold rises when the cost-of-living increases.
3. Gold is a crisis asset and retains its value through financial and geopolitical uncertainties.
4. It is a highly liquid asset class, however, it does not provide any income.
5. There are many convenient and cost-effective ways to invest in gold through mutual funds and

On that note, that will be all for this week

Come back next week for more wealth wisdom


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