Essential Checks to Perform Before Winter

Essential Checks to Perform Before Winter

Winter can be a challenging time for any business because the harsh conditions can deter people from visiting the business and it can even be unsafe in slippery, wet conditions. So, what do you need to do during winter to make sure that your small business is safe, comfortable and welcoming for all? Read on for a few of the essential checks that you will need to carry out.

Check the Radiators Work

Central heating becomes very important in the winter months and you will want to keep the business premises nice and warm for both staff and customers. This should involve checking the radiators are working as they should and perhaps performing a bleed if necessary.

Check the Boiler

Following this point, it is also important to check the boiler before the freezing temperatures arrive as you will be relying on your boiler throughout winter and do not want any issues. If your boiler is old and/or has had issues previously, you may want to look into a new boiler from somewhere like City Plumbing. This will ensure that the boiler will perform and not let you down when you need it the most.

Checking the Paths & Car Park

When the temperature starts to drop, you should always check the footpaths leading to your business and the car park and make sure that they are safe for staff and customers. You certainly do not want anyone injuring themselves on your property and you will want people to feel safe visiting your business even in the middle of winter. Ice can be managed with salt or with boiling water and if its snowing then you can use a shovel to create clear walkways. You may also find it helpful to have mats outside for people to walk safely and dry their feet before they enter.

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Exterior Lighting

It is also important to be aware of just how dark it can be first thing in the morning and once the sun goes down (often during working hours). Therefore, you need to make sure that you have adequate exterior lighting so that people can safely arrive and leave the premises.

Winter can be a challenging time for a small business and you will want to do all that you can to make sure that people can easily arrive at your premises and feel happy and warm when inside. These are a few of the key checks to make before the harsh conditions arrive and will hopefully help you to find some success over Christmas.


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