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ErisX Etale trading solution aims to bring institutional-grade service to the average trader. Etale is an institutional digital asset trading services provider, and ErisX is a cryptocurrency DCO. The collaboration will see ErisX utilize the institutional trading features of Etale to offer more feature-rich solutions to its customers.

The announcement of the Erisx Etale trading solution announcement has been a low key affair. ErisX clients will now gain from the real-time market information, experience faster order execution, and manage accounts better through Etale

ErisX Etale trading solution to redefine institutional crypto trading

Etale provides a full range of digital asset trading services to large players. The solutions are backed by renowned quantitative traders. The company focuses on order management, market information, accounting solutions, and exchange connectivity. Its quantitative models are based on advanced proven trading mechanisms back machine-learning data and execution algorithms. The new ErisX Etale trading solution will help clients achieve maximum returns on their investments.

Ian Grieves of ErisX said that they want their clients to experience the best-in-class solutions that the crypto trading realm has to offer. Through the ErisX Etale trading solution, we wish to increase the overall trading experience of our customers. Etale platform offers unique trading features and products that align with our aim to deliver high-quality digital trading assets to our members.

ErisX on a high with new features and collaborations

ErisX has been making steady progress in terms of offering more features on its platform and building new collaborations with industry leaders. Its intermediary-friendly approach has earned it more clients. It has optimized its platform to provide more features, trading convenience, and digital asset security.

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ErisX now provides more in-depth hedging and risk management features that traditional investors adore. Its futures products are in line with the leading brands. Its live spot market supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. In December 2019, it announced a regulated futures market trading feature for BTC futures. This year, it plans to offer more futures-related products.

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