Equity MF inflows fall 16% in April; smallcap and debt schemes back in demand

The inflows in equity mutual funds dropped by approximately 16% in April, shows data released by Amfi on Thursday. The inflows in April stood at Rs 18,917.09 crore as against Rs 22,633.15 crore in March.

In a new feat, the monthly SIP data has crossed the Rs 20,000 crore mark for the first time and reached Rs 20,371 crore, according to ET Now. The SIP contribution in March was recorded at Rs 19,271 crore.

The smallcap funds again managed to receive inflows after an outflow of Rs 94.17 crore last month. Among the equity categories, all except for ELSS and focused funds saw inflows in April.

The sectoral/thematic funds have continued to receive highest inflows for months. In April, this category garnered inflows of Rs 5,166.05 crore as against Rs 7,917.72 crore in March.

The multicap funds stood second on the inflow chart and received Rs 2,723.87 crore funds. Large & mid cap funds received inflows of Rs 2,638.91 crore.

Focused fund and ELSS funds witnessed an outflow of Rs 328.04 crore and Rs 144.04 crore, respectively in April.

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The debt mutual funds which witnessed an outflow of Rs 1.98 lakh in March have now managed to receive inflow in April of Rs 1.89 lakh. Among debt categories, all categories witnessed inflows except for medium duration funds, credit risk and banking & PSU funds.

Liquid funds recorded the highest inflow in April of around Rs 1.02 lakh crore as against an outflow of Rs 1.57 lakh crore in March. The money market funds received an inflow of Rs 34,084.11 crore.

Medium-duration funds saw an outflow of Rs 425 crore, banking & PSU funds witnessed outflow of Rs 404.55 crore followed by credit risk funds which saw an outflow of Rs 358.96 crore.

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Hybrid Funds
The inflows in hybrid fund categories declined by 256% in April and stood at Rs 19,862.94 crore against an inflow of Rs 5,583.62 crore in March. All hybrid categories except for conservative hybrid funds witnessed inflows in March. Arbitrage funds stood first and received the highest inflows of Rs 13,901.25 crore in April. Multi asset allocation funds received inflows of Rs 3,312.56 crore.

Balanced hybrid fund/aggressive hybrid fund witnessed the lowest inflow of Rs 17.09 crore in April against an inflow of Rs 535.97 crore in March. Conservative hybrid funds saw an outflow of Rs 7.97 crore.

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The net inflows in the ‘others’ category which includes Index Funds and ETFs decreased by around 10% in April and stood at Rs 11,504.97 crore against an inflow of Rs 12,792.75 crore in March. Index funds and ETFs received inflows whereas Gold ETF and fund of funds investing overseas witnessed outflow in April. Index funds were investors’ favourites as the category received the highest inflows of Rs 6,524.06 crore in April against an inflow of Rs 1,822.41 crore in March.

Other ETFs received a total inflow of Rs 5,746.99 crore. Gold ETF and FoF (investing overseas) saw an outflow of Rs 395.69 crore and Rs 370.40 crore respectively.

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The total assets under management (AUM) of mutualfunds increased by 7% and stood at Rs 56.99 lakh crore in April, as against Rs 53.12 lakh crore in March.

Only 9 open-ended NFOs were floated in April, which together mobilised Rs 1,532 crore.


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