Enterprise Services begins rulemaking to adopt enforceable restrictions on parking on the Capitol Campus, with a focus on Deschutes Parkway – Access Washington

The Department of Enterprise Services (DES) is addressing issues with overnight and extended parking on Deschutes Parkway that are raising concerns about public health, safety and the environment. A rulemaking process is required before the agency can adopt enforceable restrictions on parking.

The agency has begun rulemaking, and is seeking initial feedback on enacting a rule to adopt enforceable restrictions on parking on the Capitol Campus.

The agency is especially interested in thoughts on:

  • Parking along Deschutes Parkway, and possible hours for parking restrictions.
  • Should there be allowable exceptions to any restrictions enacted?
  • Other roadways on the campus where DES should consider parking restrictions.

After an initial round of stakeholder input, DES will share a discussion draft of the rule and seek feedback on the draft before filing a formal rule proposal with the Office of the Code Reviser.

Send feedback

Please send your thoughts 24 / 7 to DES via this feedback form.

Learn more

Agency actions related to Deschutes Parkway

Rulemaking notice


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