Enterprise security AI startup Helia raises $3 million in latest funding round – The Tech Portal

The US based enterprise security startup, Helia, announced today that it has raised $3 million in the latest financing round led by some of the top VC firms and investors in silicon valley, such as Neo, Abstract Ventures and the co-founder and chairman of Eventbrite, Kevin Hartz.

The enterprise security startup was founded in 2019, by three co-founders: Ashwin Sreenivas, a technology entrepreneur from Kerala; Russell Kaplan, former senior machine learning scientist at Tesla; and Daniel Berrios, previously a part of TMT investment banking group at Goldman Sachs.

Helia is an SaaS platform which provides security solutions for enterprises using AI, specifically for security camera systems. The company uses deep learning to analyze real-time security cam footage to check for any breaches and anomalies, and sends out instant alerts; and all of this happens autonomously, without any human oversight. This way, the breaches and anomalies are detected as soon as they occur, and the companies can take action right away—preventing incidents rather than reacting to the aftermath.

The AI solution doesn’t require specialized equipment, rather, it upgrades the already existing security system with its AI technology, making the service very accessible. The breach detection feature is especially useful for enterprises, as it allows them to restrict access to authorized personnel, and avoid any unauthorized access.

All the video feeds and alerts, the company says, are securely stored on cloud, which can be accessed through a single portal, which also includes detailed stats and interactive dashboard.

The startup has a deep connection with India. Not only does it have a co-founder of an Indian origin, but it has also extensively worked with teams in India on product development, particularly in start-up hubs such as India’s own silicon valley: Bangalore.

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Referring to the result of Helia’s latest financing round, the co-founder Ashwin Sreenivas said, “We are honored to have this incredible group of investors backing our vision and helping Helia on its journey.” Though, the company did not specify how it plans on using the $3 million that it has raised in the latest financing round.



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