Elsa Ico is missing from San Ignacio – LoveFM

The Ico family is hoping for the safe return of their loved one Elsa Ico who went missing a week ago. Love News spoke with her brother, Nectali Ico, who said that her sister is believed to be with an older man.

Brother of Missing Girl: “It has already been a week and then I tried getting in touch with her through her facebook and I can’t get her. I see her online but I went to San Ignacio yesterday with my mom and my mom told me that she got in contact with her. You know what happens, she went with a man that is irresponsible and smokes too much weed and is involved in gangs. I am afraid that my sisters life is in danger and I have been trying to report it to the Police and nothing has come of it.”

Anyone who can assist in locating Elsa is asked to call the nearest police station.

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