Elon Musk twitter: 'Elon Tusk' takes over Twitter feed and teases ‘Tesla news’

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO sparked a frenzy of rumours overnight after a series of erratic tweets made in rapid succession. , 47, first changed his Twitter name from Elon Musk to the unusual Elon Tusk and included an elephant emoji in his Twitter handle. The Tesla CEO then told his 25 million Twitter followers he would make a Tesla-related announcement in California on Thursday. Mr Musk tweeted: “Thursday 2pm. California. Some Tesla news.”

Although he did not specify which Thursday, Mr Tusk will most likely reveal the Tesla news today at 10pm GMT (2pm PST or 5pm EST).

But the South African billionaire’s peculiar tweeting did not stop there.

He later tweeted on Wednesday afternoon: “ET phone home. No answer.”

And then he ran a Twitter poll on whether he should make the “Mars technocracy real”.


The overwhelming majority of people who voted in Mr Musk’s poll said yes.

Marques Brownlee, a popular tech reviewer on YouTube, speculated Mr Musk will unveil today new updates for Tesla’s range of electric cars.

He tweeted: “Most popular guesses I’ve seen: V3 supercharging or full-self driving demo.”

Other Twitter users suggested the car builder is gearing up to unveil the anticipated Tesla Model Y – a possible electric SUV/crossover model in the pipeline.


In July 2018, Mr Musk said Tesla has “almost finished the design in the studio of Model Y”.

The chief then said a prototype of the car will likely debut in March this year.

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However, Mr Musk could also unveil a Tesla Hardware 3 upgrade, which will bring full autonomous driving capabilities to Tesla’s range of cars.

Tesla fans on Reddit were equally stumped and excited by the news announcement.


Reddit user SyntheticRubber posted: “Hardware v3, Autopilot Updates? Supercharger v3? Model3 Standard range or interior? Doubt Model Y because of the Osborne effect.”

User hectorir said his money is on a V3 Supercharger announcement and Source_Australian said a Tesla Hatchback will enter production.

Another post, by scherer326, reads: “Model 3 leasing. If I was a betting man I would put it all on that. All but been confirmed.”

And redditor WeAreTheLeft speculated Mr Musk will reveal the Model Y, a new supercharger or shockingly step down as Tesla’s CEO.



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