Election explained: Who are YOUR candidates? How and when should you vote?

Polling day in the UK is just a few days away, with millions of Brits expected to head to the polls for this election. With Brexit is hanging in the balance, the outcome of this election is sure to be crucial.

Who are your candidates for MP?

On election day, ballot papers will be filled with candidates vying for your vote.

You will notice candidates from the major parties, such as the Conservatives and the Labour Party.

However, you may also notice a number of independent candidates on your ballot paper.

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You should have been sent a poll card with details of your local polling station, but if you did not receive this contact your local Electoral Registration Office.

At the polling station, you will be given a ballot paper listing candidates and parties.

You take the paper to a screened booth, and then put a cross next to the candidate you would like to vote for.

You can only mark one box – anymore and your vote will be invalid.

You then put your folded ballot paper in the box where the votes are collected.

When should you vote for a general election?

Unless you opted to vote by post, polling day in the UK is Thursday, December 12.

Polling stations are open from 7am until 10pm, to accommodate people’s working schedules.

Postal ballot papers must be returned to your local authority by 10pm on December 12.


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