Eight career changes to de-stress your life

1. Caring for animals

Research has shown that being around animals is calming. Meanwhile, extending a helping hand to our furry friends will give you a warm fuzzy feeling. 

So consider becoming a dog walker, boarding pets or working in a rescue shelter.

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2. Hair stylist

Meeting people, making them feel good about themselves and, often, the ability to control your hours all help make hairdressing one of the least stressful professions. 

It’s also creative, so you’ll get job satisfaction too.

3. Fitness trainer

This is a popular choice for career changers who want to combine the feel-good benefits of exercise, control over their life and the chance to help others. 

Fitness instructors also scored highly in a 2014 Cabinet Office survey into jobs and life satisfaction.

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4. Accommodation provider

 People who run hotels and other accommodation also ranked highly for happiness on that Cabinet Office survey. 

With the rise of AirBnB and other websites, welcoming paying guests could be a nice little earner with a low hassle factor.

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5. Gardener

It’s well known that spending time outdoors and being near plants have mental health benefits. So if you’re green-fingered, becoming a gardener could offer a low-stress lifestyle.

6. Florist

If you prefer to work with flowers indoors, research has shown that the sight and scent of beautiful blooms can lift your mood. You’ll get a further happiness boost from creating gorgeous displays.

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7. Jewellery maker

Concentrating on crafting something intricate and beautiful – what could be more restful? Other arty careers, such as illustrating and upholstery, are likely to be equally relaxing.

8. Alternative practitioner

People looking to move away from stressful jobs often requalify as complementary and alternative therapists. 

You can see why: being an Alexander technique teacher, reflexologist or massage therapist is all about caring for others in a relaxing setting

And just imagine how chilled yoga teachers must be!

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