Egyptian inventors build a car that can drive on water

Karim Amin, 29, one of the three Egyptians who designed and invented a vehicle that can drive on water, drives the vehicle at Porto Marina in Alexandria, Egypt (Reuters)

Three friends in Egypt have put their heads together and created a car that can drive on water.

Pictures and videos of the car ‘drifting’ on top of the water made their way around the internet today.

So far, the inventors say they have produced 12 cars and they are now available for sale.

The price? Between $19,000 and $44,800 depending on spec.

‘When I used to live outside Egypt, I wanted to do this project from abroad, and then bring it to Egypt,’ one of the creators, Karim Amin, told Reuters.

The inventors say they have made 12 of the vehicles (Reuters)
Why bother with a boat when you can just use your car? (Reuters)
The cars were all designed and manufactured in Egypt (Reuters)

‘I then spoke to my friend Mr. Al Manshawi and we brainstormed and planned to manufacture this vehicle with the best resources from Egypt.

‘We found really good resources in Egypt and manufactured it.

‘As you can see and thank God the product is all Egyptian, it was made by Egyptians with Egyptian material.

‘Only the engine is Japanese.’

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