Egypt breakthrough as remains of pair buried with golden tongues 2,500 years ago found

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities wrote in a translated Facebook post: “Mr Jamal al-Samastawi, Director General of Central Egypt Antiquities, said that the Spanish mission has been working in the Bahnasa archaeological area for nearly thirty years, during which it found many tombs dating back to the Sawi, Greco-Roman and Coptic eras.

“Pointing out that the Al-Bahnasa region was famous for its papyri written in Greek, which were published in dozens of volumes at Oxford University, as it was part of the nineteenth region of Upper Egypt and had great fame in the Coptic and Islamic eras.”

Earlier this year, an expedition at the ancient city of Taposiris Magna reported the discovery of a

Taposiris Magna is known as the “great tomb of Osiris” and the mummy was found among 16 burial chambers.


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