Edtech firm Infinity Learn acquires Wizklub for USD 10 million

Education group Sri Chaitanya-backed edtech firm Infinity Learn on Wednesday announced the acquisition of Wizklub for USD 10 million (about Rs 77 crore) as part of its foray into the cognitive learning segment. The Wizklub team of around 100 people will join the edtech platform and will operate under cognitive learning vertical “Infinity Futurz”.

Infinity Learn’s Founder and Director Sushma Boppana said the acquisition of Wizklub is a huge value add in line with what Infinity Futurz wants to deliver.

“It develops the child’s cognitive abilities from childhood, which is required for both offline and online. This will help us go to another level of training students, not just relying on their capabilities but how to improve their IQ levels, thinking abilities, which will make it easier both for Sri Chaitanya and Infinity Learn. It’s a very strategic acquisition for us,” Boppana said.

Wizklub is the third acquisition by Infinity Learn within first year of their operation after Teacherr, a digital platform by teaching community and Don’t Memorise, a concept-based multilingual content platform.

“When we started operations, we had a 60-70 members team. Now we have around 450 people. We are working towards developing great content which is to be curated for the requirement of the students and not just pushing content to them, but something that will be useful for them to deliver an outcome and to see progress in result,” Boppana said.

Infinity Futurz’ content will be available both online as well as offline and the company will approach schools to provide their students training around cognitive learning, Bopanna added.

Infinity Futurz aims to augment its existing portfolio of Infinity Learn offerings to K12 segment by inducing foundational skills that a student needs to acquire to succeed in the career of their choice.

Infinity Learn’s CEO and President, Ujjwal Singh, said over the next 24 months, Infinity Learn is looking at over one million early years students joining for a multi-year journey with Infinity Futurz.


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