Eclipse glasses: What to look out for when buying glasses for the Ring of Fire eclipse

Viewed from London this Thursday, the partial eclipse will obscure as much as 20 percent of the Sun’s face.

Travel further up north and you will see more of the Sun eclipsed, with up to 30 percent eclipsing in Scotland.

What to look out for when buying eclipse glasses.

According to the Royal Astronomical Observatory, there are many eclipse viewing myths that could damage your eyesight.

Never look at the Sun directly and don’t believe anyone who says you can look at the eclipse through a strip of old film negatives or smoked glass.

Similarly, black bin liners and dark sunglasses won’t make the cut.

According to Professor Lucie Green of the Society for Popular Astronomy you can purchase safe eclipse glasses from specialised providers.

These will come in two forms: the kind you can simply hold up to your eyes or in the form of wearable glasses.


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