EasyJet posts £1.27bn loss; vaccine market rally fades – business live

Nonetheless the change in outlook and tone has been more than palpable, as pessimism about a Covid exit strategy has transformed into unbridled optimism, that we have a pathway to recovery, and multiple possible vaccine candidates.

This pathway will no doubt contain the odd pothole in the form of setbacks around further trials, and possible concerns about side effects, which may help explain why markets closed down from their intraday peaks.

Despite this unbridled optimism it is also impossible to ignore the current backdrop to the vaccine news, which is seeing a continuation in the trends of rising infection, hospitalisation and mortality rates, across Europe and the US, with California being the latest US state to pull an emergency brake on 41 of its counties, 94% of its population.

The fact remains that for all the optimism over multiple vaccine candidates, none of them will be available to offset the problems currently being faced right now, as we head into a long dark winter of trying to keep a lid on the problems being faced in keeping the virus under control, until the weather warms up next year.


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