Earth's oxygen will run out in 1 billion years and there's nothing we can do 'Inevitable'

Rocks such as basalt and granite pull carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere when they are weathered, and trap the greenhouse gas in solid form.

So the planet should start to cool as more and more CO2 is drawn from the atmosphere and into the minerals, which is a good thing. Right?

Unfortunately, CO2 plays a critical role in photosynthesis – the process by which plants produce oxygen.

With not enough CO2 to go around, the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere will start to drop, eventually falling so low it will threaten all life on Earth.

Presently, about 21 percent of the atmosphere is composed of oxygen.

The rest is made up of nitrogen (78 percent) and argon (0.93 percent) and trace amounts of other gases.


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