Drivers urged to pick up recently discontinued hot hatch that’s ‘value for money’ but also ‘great to use day-to-day’

A CAR expert has urged drivers to look out for a head turning hot hatchback that’s also great value for money.

YouTube star Jonny Brighton, known for his videos detailing exciting motors that can be picked up for bargain prices via his channel Cars With JB, has recently picked out a selection of super-fast hatchbacks – and there’s one that really stands out.

The head turning Hyundai i20 N can pack an impressive punch


The head turning Hyundai i20 N can pack an impressive punchCredit: Getty
It's also great value for money and ideal for day-to-day use


It’s also great value for money and ideal for day-to-day useCredit: Hyundai

The motor in question is the recently cancelled Hyundai i30 N – which is a surprisingly quick hot hatch that’s also a great daily runner.

In fact, Jonny said: “It is quicker than most [other hot hatches] and it is more useful than most from a day-to-day perspective too, and one that is probably the best value for money.”

Jonny explained that Hyundai opted to cancel the i30 N alongside the equivalent i20 model earlier this year – not because it was underperforming in sales, but rather because Hyundai had decided to cease their performance-brand internal combustion engine program in favour of committing to “zero tailpipe emissions form their performance cars.”

It is quicker than most…

Jonny Brighton, Cars With JB

In practice, this means a transition to fully electric motors, which the Korean company wants to accomplish in the next decade.

This discontinued pocket rocket, which Sun Motors supremo Rob Gill test-drove in 2017 – commenting at the time that it was “faster, stronger and cheaper than the VW Golf GTI” – boasts a 2-litre turbocharged motor capable of hitting 276 bhp, that will get it from 0 to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds.

Jonny added: “The only thing that I think lets this down compared to the other cars is its lack of more aggressive styling, considering it’s actually pretty quick for a front-wheel drive hot hatch.”

However, he does go on to say that the little car isn’t “bad looking” – adding that it was designed by the same man who worked for BMW‘s famed M division.

Compared to other nearly new hot hatches, the i30 N can be picked up second-hand at a reasonable price – with at least £18,000 being enough to get you behind the wheel of one.

Hot hatches are hot property at the moment it seems, as another motoring guru recently picked out a Renault model dubbed a “future classic” – and it could be at a used car dealership near you for less than £8,000.

Elsewhere, an expert car dealer who specialises in modern classic motors has revealed two “golden rules” to enthusiasts – including what to really do with your motor in the winter months.

A brief history of hot hatchbacks


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