Donald Trump claims that Boris Johnson 'backs' his controversial Israel peace plan

US President Donald Trump has unveiled a controversial Middle East peace plan.

He said that the plan would create a two-state solution and would recognise capitals for Israel in Jerusalem and for Palestine in Eastern Jersusalem.

Tellingly Mr Trump’s plan was welcomed on the stage by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu – but no member of the Palestinian Authority’s leadership joined them.

But in an aside, the US President seemed to suggest that Britain has backed the controversial deal.

Mr Trump said: “So many other countries are willing, ready and able to work with us. I’ve spoken to many of them. I cannot believe the amount of support this morning has. I cannot believe it.

Trump said he had spoken to the PM today

“I have been called by leaders – Boris called – and they’re all saying whatever we can do to help, we all want to see it happen.”

After Mr Trump made the statement Downing Street spokesperson said: “The Prime Minister spoke to President Trump this afternoon and updated him on the outcome of the UK’s telecoms supply chain review.

“The Prime Minister underlined the importance of like-minded countries working together to diversify the market and break the dominance of a small number of companies.

“The leaders also discussed the United States’ proposal for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, which could prove a positive step forwards.”

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Palestinian leaders have boycotted the talks since America moved its embassy to Jerusalem after claiming it was the uncontested capital of Israel.

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They rejected the plan saying it sought to impose permanent Israeli rule over the West Bank.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said: “The US administration will not find a single Palestinian who supports this project.

“Trump’s plan is the plot of the century to liquidate the Palestinian cause.”

Unveiling the plan Mr Trump said: “Today, Israel takes a big step towards peace.

“Palestinians are in poverty and violence, exploited by those seeking to use them as pawns to advance terrorism and extremism. They deserve a far better life.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Trump was “the greatest friend that Israel has had in the White House”.



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