Does dandruff cause hair loss? The truths and treatment myths behind dandruff

What are the common misconceptions around dandruff?

Does not enough/too much hair washing cause dandruff?

Stephanie Sey a Trichologist for Nizoral stresses how much you need to wash your hair will depend on several factors such as your activity levels and how your scalp behaves

If you have an oily scalp you may need to wash your hair far more than someone who does not.

She said: “If you are not washing your hair enough, your scalp will tell you about it; it will itch and possibly become flakey.

“Your hair will look lank and will not hold styles very well.”

Although the chances of dandruff may increase if you do not wash your hair enough, washing it more may not cause dandruff to go away as there may be other factors behind it.


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