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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer appeared in court on Friday to fight an extension of the protection order demanded by a woman who lost consciousness and beat her in two sexual encounters earlier this year in Pasadena. House.

In a short morning court session, Bauer and a female lawyer revealed that they would call witnesses to discuss orders equivalent to a trial that would last for three days.

The court hearing is scheduled to resume on Friday afternoon, but the judge may decide to postpone the proceedings. Temporary detention orders were issued to keep Bauer away from women until the hearing was held. The judge can decide to extend it for weeks or years.

Bauer’s appearance on Friday was not mandatory and was not expected. It is not clear if he will run. Hearings on order restraint are usually short and lawyers often appear without clients.

Pitcher agents John Fetterolf and Rachel Luba disputed the claim, saying that the interaction between the client and the woman had reached a complete agreement.

Major League Baseball put Bauer on paid leave on July 2 under the joint policy of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse adopted by MLB and the players’ union in 2015. The vacation has been extended until July 27th.

Police in Pasadena are also investigating allegations of possible criminal accusations.

A woman from San Diego said in a court document seeking an order she and Bauer met on Instagram when she and Bauer tagged him in a photo when pitching during a match against the Padres in May.

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She later visited his home in Pasadena and began with an agreement, but had a sexual encounter that became violent without her consent, the document said.

The second incident, which she claims that Bauer repeatedly hit her, left her with two black eyes, bloody swollen lips, a serious bruise and a scratch on one side of her face. She included a photo showing her injury.

According to the document, after the second encounter, Bauer repeatedly called and texted her to ask if it was okay, so she asked for an order. She didn’t want to get in touch with him anymore.

The Associated Press usually does not identify those who claim to be victims of sexual assault.

Bauer has agreed to a three-year contract to join his hometown of the Dodgers earlier this year, $ 102 million, after winning his first Cy Young Award at the Cincinnati Reds last season. Bauer is 8-5 and ERA in 17 games this season is 2.59.

Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer appears in court over sex assault allegations – Press Enterprise Source link Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer appears in court over sex assault allegations – Press Enterprise



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