Disney testing out a collaborative watching feature called GroupWatch

GroupWatch is currently being tested in Canada and will reach other markets by the end of the fall

Disney+ is testing out a new feature. This would allow users to watch something on the platform together, in a feature it’s calling GroupWatch.

According to a Verge report, screenshots of this new feature began showing up on Disney+’s subreddit. According to them, up to six people can view at a time, as long as they are all subscribers to Disney+.

The screenshots also shows a small icon next to the title of a show, which appears on a film or TV show’s title page, the report said.

GroupWatch is currently being tested in Canada and will reach other markets by the end of fall, Verge reported.

Disney+ is not the only company to pilot such a feature. Earlier, Amazon Prime Video rolled out a similar feature called Watch Party, where users earlier this year could bring up to a 100 people into a viewing session. Trials for this feature, however, were limited to only the US.

Streams of popular streamers on Twitch, were earlier made available on Amazon through Twitch Watch Parties. This feature allowed twitch streamers to hold viewing parties with their subscribers. However, in order to view this, watch party you would have to be an Amazon subscriber and the content needed to be made available in that particular region.

Apart from the popular streaming services having their own inbuilt collaborative viewing services, there are still third-party apps like Netflix Party that allow users to connect to these streaming platforms.

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Scener was one of many watch party tools that saw a spike in usage over the last few months as people stuck at home leaned into watch parties to stay close with friends, the Verge reports.

First Published on Sep 12, 2020 10:14 pm



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