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  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering) has proved to be a safer and faster way to raise funds for companies using blockchain technology.
  • With less stringent regulations, it is more preferred than obtaining financial assistance from venture capitalists and financial institutions.

Some of the key aspects behind the success of ICO marketing lies in creating strong brand awareness and offering handsome benefits to potential investors.

Popular Methods to Effectively Market Your ICO

Public relations – Well-known media outlets must be hired for giving out exclusive interviews and press releases frequently. Transparency regarding the offerings of the company must be ensured. Since there is a greater reach involved, it is essential to hire a team for curating well-crafted content. This will lead to higher exposure among the target audience.

Editorials – Featured posts can be published on famous websites and magazines which are widely read by the people interested in cryptocurrency. Content can be created on the trending topics. The main focus of editorials should be to aggregate as much information as possible and present it an unbiased way. Since the platforms have a higher circulation, it can raise the search result ranking of the ICO website leading to a larger amount of investment.

Social media marketing – It is necessary to tap the huge potential that lies in the burgeoning power of social media. Since there are a significant number of active users present in platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, every company’s services can be promoted efficiently. Frequent promotion will drive more traffic to a website. Flexibility is ensured as the content can be distributed according to the user’s interests in different fields.  Content should be informative and educational in nature. The members of the marketing team must understand the tastes of the audience who will be spread across different markets.

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Community management – Ahead of officially launching your ICO marketing, create several groups for managing content among various communities. Answering questions posed by users and taking part in vibrant discussions can improve the reach among clients deeply interested in cryptocurrencies. While gaining new customers is the main objective, care should be taken to avoid too much emphasis on publishing content which has huge traces of marketing and advertising elements present in it.

Forum marketing – For obtaining an instant viral presence, discussion platforms such as Quora, and Reddit can be utilized. The marketing team must watch out for the changing trends. Inexperienced companies who are new to the industry must navigate carefully without being overwhelmed.

Influencer Marketing – Every platform will have an influencer who is very famous and dictates the trends. They drive popular opinion through regular posting. So ICO marketing can be executed by hiring a well-known influencer. Apart from knowledge and useful information, users can also receive profitable recommendations and endorsements from influencers. Companies can also boost their authenticity.

Paid advertising –  More popularity can be achieved by using paid advertising through the display of banners. Past behaviour of investors can be found out using labels and tags. Based on keyword analysis, customized advertisements can be curated. The performance of the ads can be continuously tracked to improve its effectiveness.

Criteria to keep in mind while selecting an agency for ICO Marketing

Past performance in completing different projects –  Before employing an ICO marketing company for executing your campaign, have a look at their track record. Every firm must have a good understanding of market conditions. This would ensure that the campaign has a wide reach and fulfills the business objectives.

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Availability of networking – Every ICO marketing agency must have connections with the leading websites and publishers. If they have a wide range of contacts, the agency would be well equipped to handle large-scale projects

Time of execution – Since the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates frequently, ICO marketing agencies must watch out before officially inaugurating their campaigns. The success of the ICO depends on the effectiveness of promotion and the extensiveness of advertising. Handling client’s requests and enquiries promptly are also needed.

Understanding of the crypto industry –  With changes in patterns happening regularly, it is ideal that the ICO marketing agency has an understanding of the cryptocurrency market. Ability to understand the investor’s behaviour will play a major role in the success of the campaign. It would be better if the marketing team has a couple of crypto investors as they can know the tactics to attract the attention of the target market. Experienced marketers would also have a good relationship with several ICO investors.

Follow all the above guidelines for your ICO marketing. Boost the price of your token by carrying out successful, far-reaching campaigns.



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