Discovering an artefact

The utter joy of stumbling upon a small, forgotten historical structure is a rendezvous with time and heritage. To uncover such a treasure hidden is to unearth a piece of collective history, a reminder that our present is deeply intertwined with a rich and storied past.

Even if the artefact is not a grand one, it still is imbued with stories of human aspirations and talents. Its discovery evokes a sense of awe and reverence – a realisation that we are part of an ongoing narrative, shaped by the triumphs and tribulations of those who came before us. It invites us to cherish, respect and preserve these relics, not merely as artefacts but as repositories of wisdom and cultural identity.

However, the most important aspect of encountering such ‘non-ASI’ monuments without long write-ups on them is that they push you to ‘discover’ them. They also instil a deeper connection with the land we inhabit. It fosters a sense of pride and responsibility, urging us to protect and celebrate the historical wealth woven into the fabric of community life. And it is a gateway to understanding, appreciating and honouring the diverse tapestry of human history.


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