Dinosaur discovery: 'Top predator' that roamed South America named 'one who causes fear'

Dr Federico Gianechini, a palaeontologist at the National University of San Luis in Argentina and the study’s lead author, said: “This is a particularly important discovery because it suggests that the diversity and abundance of abelisaurids were remarkable, not only across Patagonia, but also in more local areas during the dinosaurs’ twilight period.”

The abelisaurids were a group of carnivores that grew between 16 and 30ft (5 and 9m) in length.

Although they resembled the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex in some regards, they were shorter and had bumpy skulls with crests and horns.

A famous member of this family is the South American Carnotaurus, which had distinct horns above its eyes.

The Llukalkan resembled in some ways the Viavenator but was smaller and had a differently-built skull.


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