Diesel prices rise again; above Rs 81/litre in Delhi now

NEW DELHI: Diesel prices rose above Rs 81 per litre, setting a fresh record, in Delhi on Monday.

Petrol prices remained unchanged on Monday at Rs 80.43 per litre while diesel rose 11 paise to Rs 81.05 per litre in Delhi. Petrol and diesel sold for Rs 87.19 and Rs 79.29 per litre, respectively, in Mumbai.

Since June 7 when the current cycle of price increases started, diesel prices have increased by Rs 11.66 per litre, or 17%, in the country while petrol prices have risen by Rs 9.17 per litre, or 13%.

In the same period, the rates of diesel and petrol in the international market, have risen by 12% and 4%, respectively.

Domestic fuel prices are expected to be aligned with the international rates of fuel daily but they often diverge.

Crude oil prices, trading around $43 a barrel on Monday, have been somewhat stable since the beginning of June. It had fallen to below $20 a barrel late April from $66 a barrel at the beginning of the year.


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