DGCA suspends 2 SpiceJet pilots for four-and-half months for damaging runway edge lights

New Delhi: Aviation regulator DGCA suspended two SpiceJet pilots on Thursday for a period of four-and-half months for damaging the runway edge lights of Mangaluru airport while landing a B 737 plane on October 31 last year, according to an official document.

“Investigation has revealed that the aircraft touched down left of the centreline and deviated further to the left and the delayed corrective input by the crew led to the damage to three runway edge lights,” the document of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) stated.

It also noted that the period of suspension would be counted from the date of the incident.

The aircraft was coming from Dubai when the incident occurred.

Show cause notices were issued by the DGCA to the pilot-in-command and first officer of the flight demanding explanation on the “lapses”.

The reply sent by both the pilots were deemed to be “not satisfactory” and therefore, the regulator suspended the license held by them for a period of four-and-half months, the document stated.


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