'Despite being responsible for law and order Priti Patel can't obey rules herself'

The Home Secretary held meeting with some of most powerful people in the land but broke Whitehall rules which state Home Office official should have been present

Home secretary Priti Patel
Home secretary Priti Patel

Priti Patel is responsible for law and order. Yet the Home Secretary seems incapable of sticking to the rules herself.

Today the Sunday Mirror reveals how she held a meeting with some of the most powerful people in the land.

Whitehall rules state that a Home Office official should have been present.

But no civil servant was there.

The Home Secretary will try to pass this off as a private lunch with some old mates.

That does not wash when those “mates” are a senior British Airways executive, an overseas airports boss, a billionaire Tory donor and Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng.

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It is completely implausible that these “mates” with such high stakes in government decisions spent the whole meal gossiping about other mates or chewing over the weather.

That is why the ministerial code is there and an official should have been present: To ensure what is discussed is monitored and recorded.

And any minister who so arrogantly ignores that is unfit for high office.

Ms Patel was forced to resign from the Cabinet in 2017 for meeting Israeli bigwigs on her tod.

She clearly does not learn from her mistakes.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng was also at the meeting


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That is why Cabinet Secretary Simon Case must agree to Labour’s demand for an urgent investigation into Ms Patel’s conduct.

Our disclosures today round off a torrid week for the Home Secretary. She angers the French by threatening to pull British funding for our joint efforts to curb migrant boat crossings.

Then she comes up with a madcap scheme to turn back refugee inflatables mid-Channel, which would put lives at risk.

Today we give Boris Johnson one more reason to do what he should have done long ago.

And that is to fire her.

Shame on trolls

It brings tears to the eyes to learn that Rehema Muthamia suffered a torrent of racist abuse after winning the Miss England crown.

And a lump to the throat to hear it was nothing less than she expected.

It is a damning indictment of our nation that in the 21st century a black woman’s success can still bring out the worst in it.

But Rehema answers the sick trolls with a winning smile, a defiant stance and a determination not to let it get to her.

She says it is something she has just got to live with. That should make us all ashamed.

Racism is not something anyone should have to grin and bear. We are all responsible for helping stamp it out.

And any tears should be those of rage.

Ace star pupil

You’ll love our heart-warming pictures of teenage tennis sensation Emma Raducanu at her old school’s sports day.

Teachers must be so proud to have such an inspirational role model for their pupils.

And they must secretly be hoping that another world-class talent like Emma Raducanu is tucked away among them.


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