Desperate wife caring for dying husband now so poor she can’t afford his funeral

A desperate wife caring for her dying husband says Boris Johnson needs to keep his social care promises as she’s now so poor she can’t afford his funeral.

Elaine Yates, 71, who is a full time carer for her husband Michael Yates, 75, who says their neglect by the Government is “cruel” and they feel “robbed”.

“My husband’s got four tumours, it’s terminal and I can’t afford his funeral. I feel let down by the whole thing,” she said.

“Boris said he would put social care in order, that was his words outside Downing Street but he has failed us,” the mum from Irchester in Northamptonshire said.

“People are losing their homes because of the lack of help.

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Elaine Yates and husband Michael
Elaine slammed Government ‘neglect’

“We were paying £5.85 a month towards his care and now, in six years, we are expected to pay £535 a month, it’s crippling us.

“I’d love Boris to visit us and come and see for himself.

“I bet he’s not like us and had to go without a holiday for six years!”

Her husband, former soldier, Michael served 12 years with the Royal Pioneer Corps, has been ill since suffering brain haemorrhages in 2004.

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson adjusts his mask during a visit to Severn Trent Academy in Coventry, West Midlands, Britain, May 7, 2021
Boris Johnson has failed to keep his promise to put social in order

She said their contributions to his care rocketed after the authorities took his army pension into consideration.

Michael is living with several other ailments, including diabetes, and dementia.

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Elaine estimates her husband has an income of £1,200 a month with £535 of that going towards his carers who come in to help them at their bungalow three times a week.

Out of those funds she says they have to buy clothes, food, pay bills, fix repairs on the home, regular dental trips, glasses and medication not covered by the NHS.

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“I need a new pair of shoes and I can’t afford it and I’ve got holes in them which I can feel every time I put the brake on his wheelchair,” she said.

“My husband would have been prepared to give his life for his country.

“But when I told them I could not afford his funeral, I was told he could have a pauper’s one.

“I’d love Boris to visit us and I won’t be rude and I think he did a great job with the vaccines.

“But he promised to fix social care and he hasn’t come up with the goods. I do feel let down.

“And while I have got breath in our body I will fight for what is fair. “

In a direct message to Boris, she added: “Please consider the ex services people who need their pension, it’s not our fault we are ill.

“Understand what we are going through. I’m up at 5am and go to bed at midnight. I’m up for a couple of hours in the night as I have to care for him.

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“Social care needs an injection of money and they need to support the charities who support us. Many of them are struggling too.”

Elaine, who has been married to Michael for 27 years, said her “whole world changed” when he collapsed in 2004.

“I’ve been a carer a lot longer than I’ve been a wife, but bless him he would have looked after me the same, he adored me. “



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