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Dell is releasing a new set of enterprise security tools including software and managed services designed to help protect data and make organizations more cyber resilient.

The releases include new security protections to Dell’s VMware VMs at scale, to manage multiple data protection appliances at exabyte scale and drive consistent operations and reduce risk of data loss.

According to Dell, it is adding Transparent Snapshots to Dell EMC PowerProtect Data Manager to simplify and automate VM image-level backups, which requires less infrastructure and delivers up to five times faster backups and a five-time reduction in VM Latency. This solution will be available globally this quarter at no additional cost to customers with existing maintenance contracts.

The company also announced Dell EMC Power Protect appliances with Smart Scale, which allows IT staff to make informed decisions about their capacity needs and keep up with data growth. According to Dell, customers can configure multiple appliances as a single pool, giving them the ability to see and manage large data sets in one entity. This will be available in the first half of 2022.

Finally, the company announced Dell Technologies Managed Services for Cyber Recovery, which is designed to reduce risk of data loss by having Dell experts manage day-to-day cyber recovery vault operations and support recovery activities. This is available globally today.

The new services come as the company released results of its 2021 GDPI survey of 1,000 global IT leaders that found organizations are managing more than 10 times the amount of data than they did five years ago.

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According to the survey, 82% of respondents are concerned their organization’s existing data protection solutions won’t be able to meet future business challenges, more than 30% reported data loss in the last year and 45% said they experienced unplanned system downtime.

According to Dell, other findings include:

  • Sixty-two percent are concerned their existing data protection measures may not be sufficient to cope with malware and ransomware threats, while 74% agree they have increased exposure to data loss from cyber threats with the growth of employees working from home.
  • Over two-thirds (67%) lack confidence that all their business-critical data can be recovered in the event of a destructive cyberattack or data loss.
  • Sixty-three percent believe emerging technologies—such as cloud-native applications, Kubernetes containers, artificial intelligence and machine learning pose a risk to data protection, and the lack of data protection solutions for newer technologies was one of the top three data protection challenges for organizations.
  • On average, the cost of data loss in the last 12 months is approaching four times higher for organizations using multiple data protection vendors as compared to those using a single-vendor approach.

Commenting on the devastation that ransomware attacks can bring, Jeff Boudreau, president and general manager of Dell’s infrastructure solutions group, said accepting defeat isn’t the answer.

“We understand the stakes have never been higher, and the task of protecting data has never been more complex,” he said in a statement. “As the leading provider of data protection hardware and software, our portfolio addresses this growing challenge by helping customers adopt a holistic cybersecurity and data protection strategy to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover from ransomware and other cyberattacks.”

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