Dell launches Apex as-a-service solution for multi-cloud platforms

Dell Technologies has announced the launch of as-a-service solution to meet the demand for real-time data analytics on multi-cloud platforms and automated technology infrastructure.

“Together, Dell Technologies and VMware are the multi-cloud platforms for digital transformation. We want to give you cycles back by making your infrastructure, highly automated, multi-cloud and as a service. So you can dedicate your time and energy and investments to your data, your applications, and creating business results and competitive advantage. That’s where Apex comes in, to bring together our cloud and as a service capabilities,” said Michael Dell, chief executive officer, Dell Technologies.

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He was addressing customers, employees and others at the Dell Technologies World 2021. The Dell supremo said every organisation is currently trying to figure out how to turn their enormous amount of data into better insights, actions and results.

“And to do it faster, digital transformation is accelerating. Momentum is building towards a hybrid distributed future fuelled by data analytics, that is processed in real time, and to digital and secure processes, operations and business models. And increasingly, in this do anything from anywhere world, it is a future that will unfold at the edge. While 10% of data is processed outside of a data centre today 75% of data will be processed outside of a traditional data centre, or cloud by 2025,” said Dell.

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He further explained that to transform that data into outcomes organisations would require real-time analytics and intelligence. “In fact, it’s estimated that more than $700 billion in capex will be spent within the next decade on edge infrastructure. We are integrating and innovating edge solutions with VMware and across our capabilities, and partner ecosystems, creating the automated intelligent infrastructure for 5G and the data era,” he said.

The Dell chief executive said technology has played a major role in ‘preventing a complete societal and economic meltdown’ due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I stand here grateful, grateful for our role in keeping your organisations up and running, and delivering for your customers, or your patients, your students and your citizens. Together, we prevented a complete societal economic meltdown. It’s what we as technologists did for the world. It was the culmination of decades of work, combined with a burst of innovation, reinvention, reengineering, that has been incredible in its scope and speed. Technology is no longer the IT department. It’s now the entire organisation,” he said.



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