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Deep Roots, a community music partnership between the City of Cleveland and Big Front Porch Productions, will launch its new website on October 1 at The website, designed by Bragghost, will feature an initial roster of eight local roots musicians with photos and bios of each artist, along with a local music event calendar. The site will also offer news features on area musicians, along with posts related to the music and entertainment industry for the benefit of emerging and ‘weekend warrior’ songwriters, musicians, and performers. By signing up for the Deep Roots mailing list, visitors to the site will have the opportunity to receive an exclusive curated playlist featuring Delta roots musicians.

Big Front Porch Productions is headed by award-winning singer/songwriter, Tricia Walker, who explains that, “the mission of Deep Roots is to build community through the development and promotion of local roots music and musicians.” She adds, “There is an enormous amount of unrecognized talent in Cleveland and the Delta, and the Deep Roots project will offer a platform for these musicians to share their music with the local community and with out of town visitors who come to Cleveland looking for live music.”

For those unfamiliar with the term, American roots music is described as a combination of musical styles which incorporates early music genres and traditions of indigenous groups with ‘shared roots,’ heavily influenced by both the culture and sound of the blues. While it encompasses a broad range of music genres and styles, roots music now includes those genres which were given birth in the Mississippi Delta and the American South: blues, folk, gospel, jazz, traditional country, zydeco, R&B/soul, bluegrass, and singer/songwriter styles.

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Cleveland mayor, Billy Nowell, commented, “This Deep Roots music project will fit in well with all of Cleveland’s arts, historic, and cultural attractions, and it will help highlight the community’s identity as ‘Mississippi’s Music City’ as we prepare to host the 2021 Music Cities Tourism Conference.”

“Cleveland is in the heart of the Americana Music Triangle, and with GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi and the DMI Entertainment Industry program at Delta State both within our city limits, we want Cleveland to continue to develop as a roots music town,” added Walker. “My hope is that as the Deep Roots project is put into motion, additional musicians will take an interest in becoming a part of the roster and that music and music tech entrepreneurs will put their roots down here and contribute to this creative ecosystem,” says Walker.

The URL for the new website is Supporters are encouraged to visit the site and sign up for the Deep Roots email list. In addition to the Deep Roots website, the project will be promoted through multiple social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information, visit the website or email



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