Dead Sea Scrolls: 'Most significant' manuscripts of all time exposed in the Judean Desert

The newly-found scrolls were the first Dead Sea Scroll fragments found in 60 years, and a Bible expert who has memorised more than 20 books of scripture, suspects more could be found in the future.

Tom Meyer, a professor in Bible studies at Shasta Bible College and Graduate School in California, US, told “The site of Qumran continues to beckon visitors from all over the world.

“Everyone has heard the tantalizing tale of their discovery 75 years ago.

“Reports that locals are scavenging the caves in the Judean Wilderness for priceless, ancient scrolls have reached the Israeli Antiquities Authority who has now returned to the region of the greatest manuscript discovery of all time.

“Consequently, Israeli archaeologists have recently found more biblical scrolls from 100 to 150 years later (135 AD) in another cave in the Judean Wilderness some 25 miles away from Qumran at the Cave of Horrors in Nahal Hever.”


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