David Cameron urges allies to ‘show me the money’ to support Ukraine two years on from invasion

DAVID Cameron today urges allies to “show me the money” to help the war in Ukraine.

The Foreign Secretary puts pressure on the US on the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion.

David Cameron has urged Nato allies to commit more funding towards Ukraine


David Cameron has urged Nato allies to commit more funding towards UkraineCredit: Reuters

Lord Cameron’s move comes after a £47billion aid package proposed by US President Joe Biden was blocked in Congress by stubborn Republicans growing weary of bankrolling Ukraine.

Writing in The Sun today, Lord Cameron and his Polish counterpart Radek Sikorski warn the West’s response to Vladimir Putin is “the biggest test of our generation”.

They said: “The American cult classic, Jerry Maguire, has a renowned line: ‘Show me the money!’.

Britain and the EU have committed more funding to Ukraine — we believe it is in the interest of America and all of our allies to do the same.”

The two foreign ministers also stress the need for more ammo, training, sanctions and the seizing of Russian assets.

Today, Britain announces a further £245million munitions package to provide Ukrainian troops with artillery firepower.

It comes on top of £12billion in economic and military aid sent to Kyiv since 2022.

Lord Cameron has ruffled feathers with his assertive demands for America to step up — with one right-wing Congresswoman even telling him to “kiss my ass”.

Yesterday, he continued to crank up the pressure at the United Nations General Assembly in New York where he warned against giving in to “fatigue”.

PM Rishi Sunak insisted: “We are prepared to do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, until [Ukraine] prevails.”

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Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Sir Tony Radakin said Ukraine has become “one of the largest, most capable and respected fighting forces in the world”.