Daryl Vaz gets one-year visitor's visa to United States | Loop Jamaica – Loop News Jamaica

Daryl Vaz, Jamaica’s Minister of Energy, Science and Technology, has regained his United States visa, two years after it was revoked in circumstances that remain unclear.

It is understood that Vaz has been granted a B1/B2 one-year visitors visa to the United States, media reports have indicated.

“I can confirm and I am highly appreciative of the courtesy that has been extended by the US Embassy in Kingston,” Vaz told one radio station when contacted.

Vaz has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in the revocation of his visa. 

In November 2019, Vaz, who is the Member of Parliament (MP) for West Portland, and Phillip Paulwell, MP for East Kingston and Port Royal and then a vice-president of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP), both lost their US visas.

Vaz’s wife, Ann-Marie, MP for Eastern Portland, also lost her US visa a month later.

At the time, it was said that a number of police personnel and a few prominent business persons in Jamaica, had also reportedly lost their US visas.

It is not clear whether Ann Marie Vaz or Paulwell have since been reinstated with their US visas.


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