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Since this column started to appear in our feeds, I’ve been filled with anxiety-induced dread for anyone made to create one. There’s simply too much good content. How is anyone expected to see then remember anything?

Here is a list of things that I remember that are funny.

1. Today Now! interviews the five-year-old screenwriter of Fast Five

Sometimes the Onion is so accurate in its parody work that it veers into documentary. I love this satire of the levels of show business at play here. Also, VROOOM!

2. Rejected lyrics to HBO’s Succession theme

Succession is now into season three. If you don’t have time to catch up but want to know everything that has happened so far, all you need to do is watch this. Or, if you’re like me and a fan of Succession, watch this clip then think about it every day.

3. Being bigoted in the workplace

Aunty Donna has been making me laugh for a decade on stages and the internet. There’s so much of their gear to choose from. Whenever a new YouTube series or video drops, I schedule in time to a) watch it and b) recover from watching it.

4. Flora Anderson’s feminist Bond girl

Flora serves up excellent tweets and character videos on her socials. After you watch this one, follow her, then head to her Instagram to catch up on the oeuvre.

5. This episode of the Beef and Dairy Network podcast

Technically something I have HEARD on the internet. I dip in and out of the Beef and Dairy Network podcast. This episode is the most tear-inducing comedy I’ve ever listened to. The makers of this podcast are comedy gods and this episode is bovine.


Before we really became friends and colleagues, I had seen this written by Evan Williams and it made me squeal when I read it. As someone who has worked inside the do-gooding industrial complex and also has a mother, this is just wonderful writing.

7. One more thing from the Onion … a disenfranchised Trump voter

I worked in America for three years trying to make satire in the Trump era. This Onion piece made me want to go and become a gardener instead.

8. The NFL: a bad lip-reading

This is the dumbest series on the internet. I love it not just for the jokes; the audio production is sublime. Every element of the audio in this series is lovingly recreated to bring a smile to your eardrums.

9. Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

I watch this every year on my birthday. I remember torrenting this clip in my sharehouse back in 2006. Back then I thought it was the single most brilliant bit of satire that’ll ever be made, then … Donald Trump.

10. Look around you: maths

I don’t know if you know this, but maths is everywhere. Grab your copybook and your pencil and prepare to learn. The creator is Peter Serafinowicz, who is a comedy master who doesn’t get enough credit by those who were inspired by this. They ripped him off.


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