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All jokes aside, Russia has a vested interest in flying cars, even if it hardly ever publicizes it. Proof of that interest comes in the form of a press release on the Federal Government official website, announcing that a “fully-fledged flying car” named Cyclocar will be ready for its first flight in 2022 (hat tip to HotCars).

Cyclocar is a flying car or a cyclolet, “an aircraft that is held and moved in the air by cyclical propellers,” according to the release. It can carry up to six people or a payload of 600 kg (1,323 pounds), which makes it suitable to a variety of purposes. In the video available at the bottom of the page, it’s shown as a military aircraft used for transporting personnel to locations that would be otherwise impossible to gain access to without compromising the mission.

However, the government allows that it could also be used by emergency personnel, like an airborne medical module, and for private transport.

Developed under the Cyclone Project by the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Cyclocar will be presented with an all-electric drivetrain when it takes its first flight next year. However, a hybrid version is considered as well.

The prototype will measure 6.2 by 6 meters (20.3 by 19.6 feet), travel at speeds of up to 250 kph (155.3 mph) and have a 500-km (310.6-mile) range. Due to the cyclical propellers, it will be compact, offer fast control of the thrust vector and low noise levels. With the all-electric drivetrain, it will also be emissions-free.

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The Cyclocar will be able to land on surfaces with a 30-degree inclination, and dock to vertical surfaces. Access inside is done through the stern or the sides, while the rear-ramp allows for moving gear or special equipment in and out.

Operating this flying car will “be no more difficult than driving modern cars,” either by a pilot on board or with a ground control point, as one would a drone. No pricing for this “flying car” is mentioned, but the release does say a scale model has already completed successful flight tests.

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